MOST IMPORTANT - I'm doing this for a hobby, not for pain and grief. I will do my best not to mess you about, I ask you to do the same.


Most of the information comes from other traders (like yourself), and therefore I have no control over its accuracy. If you find something that's obviously wrong, then please let me know and I'll correct it.


I can supply shows on CDR, Minidisc or Cassette; I would prefer to receive shows on CDR or Minidisc - but don't get put off cos all your collection is on tape - e-mail me, I'm very amiable!


I will not use ultra-cheap CDRs; I usually use Taiyo Uden, Memorex or TDK A-Grade CDRs. I always check that your CDRs play on a Hi-Fi CD player. Please don't post plastic jewel cases - they just break, and cost way too much to post!


I'm offering a special service, so that I can get my collection growing - I have access to some serious pro audio gear (not just like AudioCleaning Lab or Steinberg Clean! - REAL Pro gear!), and can clean-up old recordings - get rid of those nasty vinyl clicks and all that hiss from that 1972 Binatone Cassette recorder! If you'd like a miles better copy of something you have, I'll clean it up, send you a bright shiny new CDR copy, and keep a copy for myself. Oh, and I can make pro-quality CD artwork too. This is NOT JUST FOR DEEP PURPLE stuff - any old recordings that you can't replace or get on CD - just contact me for details. I can send you a demo - let me know if you're interested.


I'm in the UK (Lancashire, England) - please let me know where you are!


In the short time I've been trading, my lists have grown quite nicely. That's all down to you guys - Thanks!!
I'll trade almost ANYTHING that's Deep Purple related (and quite a lot that isn't too).


And finally...  I don't sell shows - please don't bother to ask!