Nick's Links
Purpular Links
1 First - "Simply The Best" Deep Purple Site ...
Run by those fabulous folks at the DPAS
2 The "still going strong" award goes to ... The Highway Star
3 Our friends down-under in Oz ... The Official DP Web Space
4 The best Purple Gig Guide on the web ... Mash's DP Diary
5 Also the best Purple Gig Guide on the web ... Nigel Young's DP Diary
6 The man who wrote the DP Cassette Analysis ... Michael Richards
(Also a very reliable trader)
7 An excellent Cover-Art site in Holland ...
(only low-res pics, but very well layed out)
8 More Cover-Art, courtesy of ... Nick Soveiko
(And you've GOT to try Nick's Purple Purity test...)
9 Trev Scott's DP Boots
(An excellent trader, and dedicated Toon supporter!!)
10 Mike McBain's Site - Another recommended trader
11 Dirk Kahler's Site - Another Tourdates site - with tickets & posters
Purpendicular to the main theme Links
1 Tokyo Rose - 80's NWOBHM band
Featuring our very own Nick - A keen musician in his hairier days!
2 A Free FTP Client - SmartFTP V1.0.976 (5.5Mb download)
More info from
SmartFTP V1.0.971 (5.4Mb)
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